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Nor Ikerketa Taldea

8 years ago
Symposium on new speakers of minority languages

Two members of the Nor Research Group have attended the Symposium ‘New Speakers of Minority Languages: A Dialogue’, held at the University of Edimburgh on the 30 and 31 of March, 2012.
The event was organized by the University of Edimbuegh and the Heriot Watt University, and over 40 participants attended it. This is the first time that this subject is addressed in such a specific event, and according to the contribuitions heard and the debates, it can be said that a powerfull reseach line was stabblished. Actually for many minority languages their goal in the mid-term future is to become a new speakers’ language.
The memebrs of the Nor Research Group Josu Amezaga and Maite Berriozabal presented a paper entitled  The role of Media in the linguistic Integration of Basque New Speakers, which can be seen at the address below:

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