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Nor Ikerketa Taldea

7 years ago
Korrika, action research

Korrika’s last edition is, without a doubt, a very good example of the merging of the university research and  the real implication in promoting Basque language.

Korrika celebrated during eleven days of march 2013  it’s bi-annual relay run on  support of the Basque language. This year’s edition it has been the most succesful and popular and it  message in favour of the Basque  has been spread trhough many traditional and new media.

An important group of students of the Multimedia Communication Master course (University of the Basque Country) working together with AEK and  ETB, Tabakalera and NOR research group worked together in using the transmedia potentiality of Korrika.

The results can be seen in the links below, but above all, there is a great example of “action-research”:

– Daily short documentary content:

– “11 egun, hamaika istorio” on twitter:

– Website of Transbideak:

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